Andrew Morris Builds Towards the Future through Pathways and Partnerships

Andrew Morris wants to become the representative for Texas House District 64 to better address voters’ concerns and goals for education. Morris trusts medical science and believes in equal rights for all. He wants a strong and varied education system, which will be the foundation of a thriving economy where everyone treats everyone equally. Expanding Medicaid, authorized under the 2010 Affordable Care Act, will be another priority when elected – which ultimately will be one step towards a Medicare-for-all system.

Morris was born in Yorkshire, England, in 1985. His father David was a minister and civil and structural engineer while his mother Fiona is a nurse. The family later moved to Melbourne, Australia, where Morris graduated from high school in 2004 in and after attending the highly acclaimed Monash University graduated with bachelor’s degrees in history and political science in 2007. While attending the university, Morris was a very active member of the prestigious Monash Association of Debaters, a club with an international reputation.

Morris’s wife Elizabeth Buchanan is a native Texan from Waxahachie who he began a pen pal correspondence with in 2005. He met Elizabeth for the first time in person in Texas when his attendance of the World University Debating Championships (WUDCs) in Vancouver in 2006 presented him with the opportunity to do so.

Morris’ relationship with Liz blossomed, prompting his move to the United States in 2008 where he continued his education. From the University of North Texas, Morris earned another bachelor’s degree in history (2009) and he received Masters degrees in history and professional and technical communication in 2015. In October 2010, Andrew and Liz married, bought their first home in 2011, and since 2008 have rescued (and adopted) four mischievous cats. Andrew capped a seven-year immigration journey when he became a U.S. citizen on July 8, 2015.

In Australia, Morris held various service industry jobs and as a technical support agent for a broadband provider. In the U.S., Morris has worked in higher education administration and as IT support and communication for technology firms. In December 2017, he accepted an opportunity as a Proposal Writer with Tyler Technologies to bring modern software into our Courts and Justice sphere.